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27 May 2011 @ 11:25 am
the picspam

It's been a while! I just wanted to mention, I made a bit of a Bob Rae/Michael Ignatieff picspam here in my latest entry. Any thoughts on the pairing? :)
12 May 2010 @ 11:45 pm
I'm not even exaggerating. The story is called "What Dave and Nick really said to each other on the steps of No 10".
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06 October 2009 @ 09:47 pm
Which would of course, have no influence whatsoever on the way I will vote, I swear, but oh, I've always had a soft spot for him because he's a One of Us, One of Us (TOS Star Trek fan, chess club, etc), but this;



Vinay Menon asks, "What have you done with our PM?, srsly ha! I was there first, I liked Harper all the way back when he was first elected, when I Did Not Vote For Him. As a Reed Richards fan I was cross for him that people read his social awkwardness as COLD, ain't necessary the same thing. ...and dude, don't vote for him if you disagree with his politics (and have compared it with the other ebils I've hope), but don't dismiss someone just because they are robot like. Remember Al Gore? Yeah, gush and cat, but don't vote on feelings or confound the two!
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I thought this would be fairly relevant to everyone's interests! Liberal MP Scott Brison and Kevin Bosch, Director of Strategic Communications in Iggy's office!

Also, in... somewhat relevant news (it's only relevant because I ship him with Justin), I met Ben Mulroney over the weekend. Well, met isn't the right word. I was walking down a narrow hall, he brushed past me on his way by, I squeaked his name, he smiled and nearly laughed at my reaction, and I did not say anything other than that before he disappeared because I was too shocked, speechless and just... It was BEN! No one in this country loves him but me, and I got to stand inches away from him, and he acknowledged my existence. Now I feel like I have to writing some Justin/Ben to justify this fangirl-ish rambling!
15 April 2009 @ 01:25 pm
Over at harlequinnews they may be on to something:

Members (of Parliament)
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Another of the many of Sir John's devotees in humble life
is Patrick Buckley, a cabman and proprietor of a livery stable
in Ottawa


It could not have been Buck-
ley's good looks nor the pompous appearance of his vehicle
that had won the favor of Sir John


*' Then," said the questioner,
"was Sir John tight when you drove him down just now ? "

Context: Anecdotal life of Sir John Macdonald [microform] by E.B. Biggar
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13 February 2009 @ 08:58 pm

...an altered photograph taken from Maclean's 2008 blogpost, A Very Liberal Christmas.

ETA: From April 2008's Bond-themed Daffodil Ball;

The article with pictures is available as a PDF file on the Daffodil Ball's website, there is one more picture of Justin in a group. The article alone is available at Canada.com; Daffodils Are Forever 2008 April 27.

If anyone has any better pictures, please post! Or at least tell me why Justin appears to be in some sort of cage...

Macleans seem to be very interested in Justin Trudeau, and oh, during the breaks in voting on Nov 18; Justin Trudeau strode across the aisle to shake the hand of Stephen Harper. The two exchanged brief pleasantries. Frankly, I think Harper/Trudeau is sexier than Layton/Trudeau, though I would really like to see President Obama/Justin Trudeau.

ETA: Crossposted to politisex
10 February 2009 @ 07:42 pm
Excerpt from An Anecdotal Life of John A. Macdonald, edited by Cynthia M. Smith & Jack McLeod, Parliamentary Life, page 68;
...'On Friday,' a correspondent reported to his paper in 1870, the House of Commons enjoyed 'what appears to have become a recognized institution: its annual saturnalia.' After explaining that the excitement occurred during a standing vote in committee, the yeas lining up on one side, the nays on the other, he went on:

The fun consists in members dragging or carrying other members who are opposed to them to their side of the House, with the purpose of securing their votes against their wishes. The thing is carried on good-humouredly, but there is a great deal of pulling, hauling, and scuffling, especially between the front ranks of the opposite sides. Mr. Mackenzie, on this, as on all similar occasions that I have witnessed, selected Sir George E. Cartier for his prize. It is no impugnement of Mr.Mackenzie's courage that he should select a small-sized man for the contest, for Sir George kicks and struggles with an energy and determination worthy of a Goliah. ... The contest waxed warm, and members could be seen rolling and struggling for mastery on the floor - please let this be taken literally - and potent debaters for once yielded to mere muscular power. An excitable Irishman in the gallery, new to Parliamentary usages, was with difficulty restrained from joining in the sport. He gave a Donnybrook shout, threw off his coat, and made an attempt to slip down into the House, but cooler heads interfered.

...I couldn't find the sauce for that in the book, there is a Bibliography page but I can't tell where the article came from. Googling around reveals this page; The Commons Then and Now: Visitors
Marc Bosc
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06 December 2008 @ 06:23 pm
I'm sure all of you have been really excited about getting to explain to everyone how a parliamentary democracy works, as the coalition/I-voted-for-Harper-as-Prime-Minister/ur reversing mai votes furor unfolds! But let's not lose track of what's most important: love that knows no party boundaries!

Here is an article from the CBC a few days ago that electricchicken sent me! The most important paragraphs:

In between courses, everyone hopped up and traded their latest information. Well, not everyone. After the first course, NDP leader Jack Layton (the only federal leader in attendance) and Liberal MP Scott Brison grabbed each other and started waltzing between the tables.

An unusual sight, yes. But probably just a taste of what's ahead.


Is there romance afoot or WHAT.
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